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494 lysenkos mad marxist evolutionary theory genetics russia soviet mccarthy communism lamark mendel 495 srinivas ramanujan an inexplicable mathematical genius india hardy hindu number theory mathematics 496 teilhard de chardin and piltdown conspiracy

Know Your Bfee Hitler’s Bankers Shaped Vietnam War

A conspiracy was uncovered in which rightwing elements of big business namely the dupont family and the morgan banking interests planned to finance and arm a veteran’s army to march on the white house and hold president roosevelt captive2 the conspiracy was reported by two time congressional medal of honor winner marine corps major

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True What

A shadow government is a governmentinwaiting that remains in waiting with the intention of taking control of a government in response to some eventit turned out this was true on 911 when it was told to us by our mainstream mediafor years this was ridiculed as a silly crazy conspiracy theory and like the others listed here turned out

In American History William L Pierce

An arch racial conspiracy theorist as well as a white supremacist leader and publisher william pierce is most widely known for his novel the turner diariesthe novel like most of pierce’s writings depicts a racial revolution to overcome a national multicultural conspiracy against anglosaxon americans in the late twentieth

The Wright Patt Connection

Apr 18 operation paperclip one such controversy has to do with us activities following wwii and—spoiler alert—if this is the first time you’re hearing about this and you’re an idealist with a clear blackandwhite view of right versus wrong prepare to be

The Hunt For Zero Point Inside The Classified World Of

Aug 30 excellent serious research on the notion that there are physics that might go beyond relative theory and 4dimension timespace reality to know that work has been done since the 30s secretly in this area and its capability to either bring free energy fasterthanlight travel or the entire destruction of a world is both thrilling and

Ivan Koop Kuper Metro

Bell however has his own theory why operation texas has been so difficult to confirm and why rescuees are reluctant to make themselves known this has been such a hard story to document because so many of the people who were brought into the us by novy and lbj were led to believe that what happened was illegal bell

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Conspiracy theory is a term that originally was a neutral descriptor for any claim of civil criminal or political conspiracy however it has come almost exclusively to refer to any fringe theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by

Cancer – Page 2 – Conspiracy Theories

Damit die krebszellen tats chlich abstarben musste das vitamin c jedoch in so hohen konzentrationen verabreicht werden wie sie beim menschen nur durch eine

A Comprehensive History Of Zionist Crimes – The

Dec 30 operation trojan libya frameup pan am 103 bombing over lockerbie other late 20th century falseflags and assassinations egyptair 990 atlantic ocean october apollo moon landings fake conspiracy february 911 crime of the century september guantanamo bay post 911 motives for afghanistaniraq

Pay No Attention To The Men Behind The Curtain – Take

Derived from wwii practices via the operation paperclip project by our own us government for use against suspected vc sympathizersgangstalking is a newish science they have discovered and used on various targets of their own choosing gang stalking is a form of community mobbing and organized stalking

New Years Eve 2013 Sonia Sotomayor To Drop Times Square Ball

Former secretary of state colin powell led the ball drop in and bill and hillary clinton assumed the role in however tompkins said that regular attendee mayor michael bloomberg will not be present at this year’s ball drop according to reuters the outgoing mayor who led last year’s celebrations with the rockettes will instead

Maxwell Did Not Kill Herself Satanic Pedophile Sex

Ghislaine maxwell managed epstein maxwell did not kill herself an open letter to everyone who has forever mocked conspiracy theory the satanic pedophile sex trafficker and blackmailer jeffrey epstein was epsteined by the bodycount bronfman nxivm by the bodycount bronfman nxivm spirit cooking and pizzagate musk neuralink geoengineering the franks

Godlike Productions

Godlike productions is a discussion forum discussion topics include ufos politics current events secret societies and much

Robert Guffey

How qanon uses satanic rhetoric to set up a narrative of ‘good vs evil’ alternetorg › the farright has embraced an election conspiracy theory so absurd the army came out and denounced

Asocialism – The Core Idea Of The New Right – Labour

It is as if there were vast numbers of books about the game of golf but the game actually being played was football there are some points of similarity including the central role of a ball but such guides would be worse than useless the economic theories of the new right were worse than

The Occult History Of The Third Reich Deutsch Okkulte

Its surface is round or ballshaped being composed of two halfshells of steel these halfshells contain the internal structure and are air tight attached at each pole of each halfshell is an iron bar magnet most of whose structure is internal this means that the bulk of the magnet is inside the steel ball one opposite the

The Truth About The Alt Right A Destruction By Facts And

Jul 06 the theory acts to centralise various different conspiracy theories into one controlled strand this strand serves to distract those who do genuinely question the

Noble Gas Plasma Engine Clean Cheap Energy

Jul 24 the operation of the engine was simple a charge of noble gases including helium neon argon krypton and xenon was placed in the sealed and air tight cylinders of the engine by producing a magnetic field around the cylinder exciting the gases with radio frequencies and producing a high voltage arc in the gas a ball of plasma would be

George Soros Conspiracy Theories The Truth Is Bad Enough

Making the clickthrough worthwhile a deep dive into separating fact from fiction when it comes to george soros and finding that the truth is bad enough without any of the exaggerations the

6 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Mar 08 the term ‘conspiracy theory’ has come to signify the wild speculations of anorakwearing geeks who are convinced the illuminati is at work a longheld conspiracy theory in japan had it that citizens were being kidnapped by agents of the north korean government indeed between and hundreds of people went missing from coastal towns in the east asian country – and the

Ivan Koop Kuper Metro

Mar 29 memorable musical moments some were fortunate to experience included the night john lee hooker traded guitar licks and verbal barbs with houston’s sam lightnin hopkins a performance by a postburrito brother gram parsons whose la band the fallen angels included his muse and prot g emmylou harris on vocals and the night beaumont blues guitar virtuoso johnny winter

Shiva’s Trident – Ancient Symbol Of Destruction And

May 01 the forbidden research for the the god particle shiva amp cern the lord god shiva represents destruction before renewal wake up peoplei can say the west is treading a wrong path leading its own destruction i say again lots of earthquake which are occuring now are due to cern people from the western elites have a habit of copying things occultist cabals knew if a powerful

The Hitler Mystery 2010

May 13 with this book farrell takes a slight detour from his usual scientific detective work and moves into the realm of conspiracy theory or as he says conspiracy hypothesis using the same logical precision i have come to expect from his work he analyzes the rumors and stories of nazi escape at the end of world war

Dandenong Conservative Fri May 22nd Todays News

May 22 – operation paperclip united states army major robert b staver recommends that the us evacuate german scientists and engineers to help in the development of rocket technology – cold war in an effort to fight the spread of communism the us president harry s truman signs an act into law that will later be called the

Dandenong Conservative Tue May 22nd Todays News

May 22 operation paperclip united states army major robert b staver recommended that the us evacuate german scientists and engineers to help in the development of rocket technology cold war in an effort to fight the spread of communism the us president harry s truman signed an act into law that would later be called the truman

Conspiracy Theories

May 23 conspiracy theories question the narratives and versions of truth put forth by the corporate media and government conspiracy theories address the holes in the official versions of the truth conspiracy theories are what people who do not

Conspiracy Theories Podcast Republic

On the last sunday of every month parcast rewind replays a classic episode of conspiracy theories that you might have missed it’s a conspiracy theory dating back to about the us government developing bits and pieces of technology from crashed

The Cias Appalling Human Experiments With Mind Control

Operation midnight climax the cia’s initial experiments with lsd were fairly simple if shockingly unethical the agency generally dosed single targets finding volunteers when they could

Conspiracy Theories

Please note that today’s episode is going to sound a little different than a typical episode of conspiracy theories we felt it was important for us to share the founding and history of the illuminati before diving into the conspiracy theories the illuminati has stirred up fear and controversy for well over 200

The Strange Disappearance Of Louis Le Prince

Sep 10 the strange disappearance of louis le prince over 125 years ago remains a mystery to this very day although a photograph of a drowning victim from resembling le prince was discovered in during research in the paris police archives which may throw more light as to his eventual fate it may be a surprise to many that it was in fact le prince not thomas edison that shot

Conspireality Is It Time For A Serious Conversation

Sep 26 one thing i’m noticing now more than ever before in my experience as a journalist and researcher and as a human in general is that people are hungry for information that is deeper than what they are getting through the mainstream media it feels as though people are beginning to recognize that there is a degree of corruption involved in our world and that politicians and traditional media

Operation Northwoods

Tags conspiracy theories fascism hidden wealth james morcan operation northwoods operation paperclip underground knowledge 0 check out the video for the recent radio interview i did on boston’s philosophic perspectives radio show with arthur d

Portland Imc

Ted gunderson formerly the fbi special agent in charge of the los angles office and for more than 25 years a private investigator appeared on the mysteries of the mind radio program march 8 where he confirmed that he has a credible reliable source that says jeff gannon is

The Atheism Of Ricky Gervais Ends In Satanic Society

The atheism of ricky gervais ends in satanic society these rituals define satanism loveless ritual sex sodomy pedophilia ritual drugs ritual blood sacrifice ritual human sacrifice ritual torture ritual burning alive ritual cannibalism ritual castration satanism bloodlines satanic propaganda and the removal

pdf The Atlantean Conspiracy

The atlantean conspiracy aji kusuma eric dubay aji kusuma eric dubay download pdf download full pdf package this paper a short summary of this paper 37 full pdfs related to this paper read paper the atlantean conspiracy download the atlantean conspiracy aji

New Illuminati The Bilderberg Group Founded By A Nazi

The bilderberg group and the project of european unification by prof mike peters despite their reputation for empiricism british academics have tended to treat political power by means of abstract concept s rather than empirical information about the actions of determinate individuals and groups eg giddens scott after a brief efflorescence of empirical studies of

Education – Conspiracy Theories

The cia russia nasa and the us army – what do they know we hve allegedly known for years that the earth is a sphere right well the russians cia nasa and the us army apparently did not get the

The Reptilian Elite

The conspiracy theorist and new age philosopher who wore only turquoise for a time and insisted on being called son of godhead says these annunaki the reptiles have controlled humankind since ancient times they count among their number queen elizabeth george w bush henry kissinger bill and hillary clinton and bob

George Soros Conspiracy Theories The Truth Is Bad Enough

The truth about soros is bad enough without any of the

Conspiracy Theories

The truth is rarely the best story and when it’s not the only story the truth deserves another look every wednesday we tell the complicated stories behind the world’s most controversial events and possible coverups conspiracy maybe coincidence maybe complicated absolutely conspiracy theories is part of the parcast network and is a cutler media

Operation High Jump the Untold Ufo War In Antarctica

Theories which have become quite prominent in western society since the early part of this century labeled as ‘fringe ideas’ by most levelheaded people this study included an indepth look into such areas as the alienufo phenomenon government conspiracy theories new age thought and other related topics in undertaking this study

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